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Ending Credits

Dont blame me for dropping this hourglass,
It wasnt meant for my hands.
They were far too nervous and slippery with sweat.
(the hands, not the sand)

Dont point at me when they want to know who’s to blame,
I’m too tired to face their demands for explanation.
It was gravity, and the cold calculative floor.. isnt that obvious?
(the criminals, not the crime)

I’ll remember the noise.
The one that swept over the sound of silence.
The one that corroborated the betrayal of my cramped limbs.
(the one that wasnt really one.. it was a thousand shards breaking in unison, I say)

And in the midst of all this chaos,
I’m still sipping in the lingering smell of silence.
Cold, cruel, unbearable peace.
(it was just silence, not a license to kill, you say)

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